You Called Us Good – Songs & Stories of Marsha & Cindy’s Lives


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You Called Us GOOD
Marsha Stevens-Pino with Cindy Stevens-Pino

A unique collection of original songs, with 7 tracks of testimony from Marsha and Cindy. The album includes a special video segment which has footage of Marsha singing "For Those Tears I Died" at different ages.

Put the CD in your CD player to listen to the songs and stories, put it in your computer to view the video and hear "For Those Tears I Died".

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  1. The Miracle That's Needed
  2. (stories of outcasts*)
  3. A Future and a Hope
  4. (a Catholic childhood*)
  5. When I Cannot Speak Your Name
  6. (finding a way back to the church*)
  7. I've Been There
  8. (the meaning of forgiveness*)
  9. Jesus Wept
  10. (forgiving them, forgiving me*)
  11. Love's Place
  12. Giving Up The Ghost
  13. Wherever You Go
  14. (starting over*)
  15. Restore The Years
  16. (false Gods*)
  17. You Called Us Good

*denotes personal sharing by Marsha or Cindy

Listen to all the songs on this CD here.

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