Christians Combating Homophobia Among Christians


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by Frederick L Pattison

Christians Combating Homophobia Among Christians
by Rev Frederick L. Pattison
92 pages

This thick, spiral-bound handbook is a re-write of Fred's book "Homosexuality And Christian Faith".

It should be mandatory reading for anyone who is trying to grasp the basic elements of the acceptability of homosexuals within the Christian Faith.

It is very easy reading with the important points underlined, bold, and/or in capitals, just so that you don't miss anything. Having said that, however, don't be misled into thinking that this is a basic primer only. It is that indeed, but it also delves deeply with much research giving credibility to the concepts contained therein.

A few topics covered include:

  • Is It Really Possible to be a Christian and a Homosexual?
  • Did God Create Adam and Steve?
  • Terrorized For Being Different
  • The "Family Values" Argument
  • Interpreting Scripture
  • A Bible Study on the Sin of Sodom
  • Living In a Committed Relationship - Is It Marriage?
  • When is a Relationship a Relationship?
  • Is AIDS a Gay Plague?
  • The Levitical Code
  • St. Paul's Statements
  • Romans 1:18-32
  • A Look at First Corinthians
  • The Timothy Passage
  • Did Jude Condemn Homosexuality?
  • Same-Sex Love - Is It Love or Lust?
  • and so much MORE!

Note from Mary: Fred has done a superb job on this book and I am delighted to feature it on my website. I recommend it especially for those who do not do a lot of reading. Fred helps you out by underlining and making BOLD the important points.


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