Is The Homosexual My Neighbor? A Positive Christian Response


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Is The Homosexual My Neighbor?
by Letha Scanzoni and Virginia Mollenkott
242 pages

When first published in 1978, this was the only book of its kind - a powerful wake-up call for Christians to reexamine their attitudes toward gay and lesbian people.

This revised and expanded edition is now more relevant than ever, with updated information on such key topics as gays in the military, the AIDS crisis, and genetic research on homosexuality. It is both informative and compassionate - the ideal resource for Christians on our culture's hottest social debate.

Note from Mary: This book was the first I read on the subject. It was the only one available at the time, and was one of the influencing factors that allowed me to understand Scripture accurately regarding homosexuality, and accept myself as a Christian lesbian. I am pleased to personally recommend it.

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