Jeanine Noyes – Transparent


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Jeanine Noyes

Jeanine is not gay, but she's a beautiful Spirit-filled Christian and the most versatile musician I know. She jumps easily from old standards like "The Tennessee Waltz", to 60's rock 'n roll, to blues, jazz, folk, country and classical. She's a fabulous singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/entertainer. Jeanine has been compared to Sarah MacLaughlan and Carly Simon.

Her roots are in Kingston but Toronto is now her home. If you get a chance to see this woman perform live, prepare yourself for a great evening of entertainment - and if Fegus Marsh is accompanying her, you're in for a double treat. Fergus plays, among other instruments, the Chapman Stick with incredible expertise. If you're not familiar with what a Chapman Stick is, read about it at Stick Enterprises. It's an amazing instument in the hands of an accomplished musician. Fergus has played with Bruce Cockburn for many years and more recently with Steve Bell, and he is among the many instrumentalists backing up Jeanine on this CD.

  1. My Love
  2. I Don't See How
  3. Long Way Home
  4. I Think I Made You Up
  5. Transparent (featuring Tory Cassis)
  6. We All Fall Down
  7. The Day You Lied
  8. Lean Into You
  9. I Love You
  10. Carry You
  11. Abide With Me

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