Reclaiming Christ – Reflections on Homosexuality, Sex & the Bible


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Reclaiming Christ (Inclusive Orthodoxy) - DVD
Reflections on Homosexuality, Sex, and the Bible
by Justin R. Cannon
57 min.

A Documentary Film

This is an update of the original film "Inclusive Orthodoxy".

The talk featured in this DVD was originally presented for the Diocese of Northern California's Integrity chapter. Integrity USA is a ministry of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Episcopalians and their straight allies committed to the fulfillment of the 1976 promise of the Episcopal Church that "homosexual persons are full members of the Church." In this talk, Justin discusses sexual ethics, the Christian faith, disturbing trends in contemporary theology, and guides the audience through a compelling reflection on two gay-affirming biblical accounts. He is currently pursuing priesthood in the Episcopal Church through the Diocese of California.

Editors Note: This DVD is produced in DVD-R format. Please make sure your DVD player can play this type of disc. This is a limited budget production by Inclusive Orthodoxy, so please do not expect a Hollywood quality film.

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