The Slow Miracle of Transformation – Lesbian Daughter’s Suicide


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The Slow Miracle of Transformation
by Mary Lou Wallner

Mary Lou's journey of her lesbian daughter's suicide.


"I am moved and disturbed by Mary Lou's story. In this polarizing issue, she occupies an important middle ground that both sides - and all of us in between - desperately need to hear."- Philip Yancy, author of "What's So Amazing About Grace?" and "The Jesus I Never Knew".

"It was Mary Lou Wallner's love for Anna, the daughter she will see again in Heaven, that finally forced her to really look at God's gay and lesbian children. But it was her love for Jesus Christ that led her to reach out to them with understanding, love and affirmation. Mary Lou and her husband host a weekly Bible study for people who are not welcomed by most of the church. She is living proof that Christians do not have to choose between walking with God and affirming our GLBT sisters and brothers."- Peggy Campolo, advisory member of the Council of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.

"This courageous woman tells you her tragic story which will make you think if not rethink your beliefs about God, His love, 'them', and ourselves. She offers her painful lessons so that we might not have to learn them the hard way. Pay attention!"- Steve Sherbondy, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

"Mary Lou and Anna's story is a bittersweet journey that should be read by all who profess the name of Christ. It holds a mirror up to the face of the evangelical Christian church and invites us all to view the true reflection; one that is not always recognizable as the face of our Savior. It is a story about true family values. Because of Mary Lou's courage, many lives will be saved and families healed."- Pastor Randy McCain, Open Door Community Church (Sherwood, Arkansas)

"Before you condemn your gay or lesbian child, take a deep breath, sit in a comfortable chair and read Mary Lou Wallner's book. While you sit there remember how wonderful your son or daughter was before coming out to you. Nothing has changed. Don't let a handful of confusing Bible verses be more important to you than your own flesh and blood."- Gary Nixon, co-founder Soulforce.

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