The Cost of Truth: Faith Stories of Mennonite & Brethren Leaders & Those Who Might Have Been


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The Cost of Truth: Faith Stories of Mennonite and Brethren Leaders and Those Who Might Have Been
Roberta Showalter Kreider, Editor
330 pages

Until we meet and get to know a person of whom we are afraid or of whom we think negatively and discover that they are just as human as we are, our phobia will not leave us! This is the great value of the stories shared here. While not a personal meeting, nevertheless, we have the opportunity in reading them to get to know our sisters and brothers in Christ, their struggles, hopes, and aspirations. Some have served in pastoral roles and showed great promise until they shared their sexual identity, which has usually led to termination. This is a tragic loss to the church at a time when pastors are in increasingly short supply. It is also a form of violence against persons who cannot help that their genes are not "straight."
- from the forward by Cornelius (C.J.) Dyck, retired seminary professor.

This is Roberta Kreider's third book in the Series of Faith Stories from the GLBTA Community of Faith.

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